You may have been shooting for years or are new to the sport but a well-fitting gun will allow you to achieve the maximum enjoyment out of your sport. If you're a lady shooter then a good gun fit will be even more important due to the difference in physical characteristics to a male shooter - such as high cheekbones, longer neck length etc. 
We recognise that everyone is different and there is no "one size fits all". We offer a gun-fitting service on the premises, or you may have had a gun-fitting at your local shooting ground and are in possession of the ideal measurements on paper which we can interpret and transfer to your gun. 
We can alter the cast and/or drop on your stock to ensure that your eye is looking down the barrel to increase your accuracy. 
If you require the ability to alter your stock yourself, we can install a fully adjustable comb which allows you to increase the height plus increase/decrease the cast. Just call us for details. 


Whether your existing fixed choke gun needs opening out, or whether you're considering having multi-chokes fitted, we can assist. 
From a simple recoil pad to a stock extension in wood or even buffalo horn we can help you to achieve the correct stock length and finish. We stock a variety of pads such as Kick Eez, BMR & Silver & Co to name a few. And nothing says "traditional English gun" like a leather covered pad. 
Perhaps you're not a fan of recoil pads and look to a more streamlined look on your gun and interested in gaining that extra length with a wood extension, or perhaps vulcanite or even buffalo horn (all kept in stock). Whatever your preference we can advise and help you to get the look you want. 
Similarly we can shorten your stock and provide you with a pad or just re-affix your existing pad / butt plate. 
You may have just come into the sport and still getting used to the recoil, or you may shoot a lot and are finding recoil is becoming an issue, perhaps affecting your concentration. There are a number of options available to you. If you're happy with your gun fit, but need some "damping" of the recoil then there are a couple of recoil-reduction systems that we can fit - the most popular being the ISIS system. However, it may just be down to the balance of the gun 
Don't want your gun to look like everyone else's? Our engravers have worked on a number of commissions and we have delivered bespoke ovals, trigger guards and top levers and most recently a Celtic design on a grip cap. 
Do you find your hands ache at the end of the shooting day? Too slim or too bulky a grip can affect some people that way. We can add or remove a palm swell to give you a consistent comfortable grip. 
Do you have a sporting style grip which you'd like to convert to a rounded game / Prince of Wales style grip? 
Do you find that your little finger hangs off the bottom of the grip? We can extend the depth of the grip to alleviate this. 
Pop into us and we can take a look at your grip and see what solutions we can offer. 



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